I just named it randomly! No specific meaning behind it, but it sounded cool too.

Well, this was a practice project I did for a concept cordless drill machine in 2022, that actually does not exist. I created this whole video from scratch starting from Design Ideas of the machine to the final Edit, including the Music and Sfx.

It was fun and a massive learning opportunity to experience the whole process finished by one hand. This was also mainly for the reason to practice and understand bottleneck areas, time estimates and to test & evaluate my limits in the 3D production pipeline.


The proportions of the 3D Model is as real as of any other cordless drill machine. I was playing around with shapes while keeping the Topology clean for subdivisions. Everything else was Modeled from scratch. The main model was UV'd and then nicely textured.

Without getting into other tiny little descriptions... I worked on the Animation of Cameras, Assets, Objects and Particles. Lighting & Rendering was made with Octane Render. I did multiple rounds of back and forth, for the previz animatic edit before I hit the Final render for the whole sequence. Some Post Production tests were also made earlier. Editing was finalized with color correction and compositing.

I also had fun playing with music composition. By the way, I quickly realized its a whole other world that can consume up tons more time. I stuck to generic samples and finished with what I liked. Some Sfx were added to spice up the things. Vo was all Ai generated.